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Weekly eNews Update #70

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December 11, 2017

Everyday I’m Baseling . . .

Between the parties, Rose on tap, extravagant meals, equally impressive fashion choices, and traffic from hell, maybe you found a moment to actually take in the visual and performance art.

Our Miami art marathon (or to some, Art Appreciation 101 ) underscored that it’s beauty is subjective…like really subjective. Most of the modern art installations left us scratching our heads in bewildered confusion (or feeling intellectually inept), while others evoked a visceral emotional response.

If, as Picasso observed, “art is a lie that makes us realize truth,” then perhaps the essence of art is more than an opportunity to merely appreciate its beauty.

We uncover Picasso’s “truth” when the underlying idea that inspires an artistic endeavour comes to life through expression and interpretation. And, that process of shifting creative ideas to action is foundational to innovation.

Clearly Miami Art Week/ Art Basel has us thinking a bit deeper in it’s aftermath. So this week we’re wondering, how can art inspire us to activate our creativity, inspire new ideas, and better innovate?

For those of us who are missing the artistic gene, or whose artistic attempts rival kindergarten scribbles, the following approaches provide some hacks for thought.

It’s All A Matter of Context
To the contextual/ referentialists, the creative or artistic value of the product or thing is not inherent. It holds value to the extent that it references outside points, actions, images or emotions. It’s more about the context in which the art is created, or the degree to which the work product refers to an external something of value. The hack: Do you consider the context and external influences in your creative process?

Queue the Formalities
Formalists see creative value only when the work product adheres to a standard process, or if it fits within a clearly delineated parameters associated with that art form. A little intellectual exploration and lots of analysis is the hallmark of this approach. The hack: What will happen if we colour outside the lines, or push the boundary — just a little?

The Need to Express to Communicate
All the feels and then some. If a work product fails to evoke an emotional response, then it lacks value to expressionists. The creative insights necessary to design a human interaction among each other and with a product is of upmost important. To these folks, the stories matter, and people matter even more. The hack: Are you showing or telling? Why not do both?

Absolutely Not.
Think code absent the application, block chain minus the ethics or broader social implications. It’s all about form over substance– with zero room for interpretation. Anything beyond the mechanics or building blocks of a product appear irrelevant to absolutionists. For these folks, the meaning lies in the nitty gritty of how a product is constructed. The hack: Is there an opportunity to creatively disrupt the intricacies of the building process ?


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