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That Four Letter Word, New Urban Crisis & Wearables

Weekly eNews Update #69

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December 5, 2017

That Notorious Four Letter Word

In encouraging folks to stay out of the worry zone, Miami leader Rich Wilkerson, Jr., reminds us that no one ever prolonged their life by worrying. So mathematically speaking: an hour of worry ≠ (∑of your life) + (an hour more of living).

One cure for worry and anxiety is to simply ask for help when you need it. But, it’s not always so simple.

Last week’s Results Junkies Miami Tech & Innovation tour was truly an exercise in collaboration— 4 jam packed days featuring 30 events and programs and attracting over 500+ participants.

Yet, the tour’s success depended entirely on asking for help from these amazing co-conspirators.

So this week we’re wondering, did the Beatles have it right or wrong– is help the answer ?

Not surprising, we have a few thoughts on this topic.

It’s Not Jeopardy
Asking for help requires admitting that you don’t have all the answers. Importantly, asking for help as a leader empowers those around you to feel included and develop a sense of personal utility. The funny thing is people need to be needed, so don’t unreasonably deny them a chance to help.

Don’t Throw Shade
The natural aversion to asking for help is often internalized from a place of scarcity or lack. Let’s nip that thinking in the bud. Instead, consider the act of asking for help as providing an opportunity for someone else– be it a colleague, family member or partner organization — to shine.

No matter how much you accomplish, and despite your well-developed ability to tight-rope walk on the edge of disaster; you’re no Wonder Woman or Superman. While our capacity to juggle many moving parts with grace and ease may astound and inspire, it leads to two less than ideal outcomes.

Mr. Miyagi Says . . .
First, one becomes a jack of all trades, but a master of none. In the age of information accessibility and automation, our differentiator and measure of value is determined by our ability to offer the specialized knowledge and unique insights that come through mastery. Anyone who’s watch the Karate Kid I through V knows that mastery takes time—lots of it. So reclaim your time by asking for help once in a while.

Check The Inventory
Second, it depletes your inventory without restocking. You’re probably wondering what’s the direct correlation between asking for help and inventory management. Nothing. It’s an analogy. When we ask for help, we create critical space to internally recharge and replenish. Effective leadership is not working 24/7 and subsisting on an IV of espresso and vending machine snacks. Rather, its carving out self-time by asking for help so you have the time and mental wherewithal to reciprocate in earnest when the opportunity arises.

Enjoy this week of Basel-ing and we’ll see you on Thursday!


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