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Weekly eNews Update #62

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October 16, 2017

When Is The Last Time You Went Crowd Surfing?

Maybe it was 10-20 years ago. Maybe it was this past weekend at III Points. Under either scenario, you know the drill.

Sometime you fly. Sometimes you fall. And sometimes, it’s just an epic failure.

In fact, stepping out with an idea or launching a new venture bears a striking resemblance to this risky activity:

No one knows who you are. No one questions why you’re there. No one cares about your pedigree, resume, or other qualifying credentials. You can just exist, focusing on doing your thing and ideally, folks in the crowd will help carry you along.

That’s a big one. It takes guts to jump into a crowd of strangers and hope against hope that they won’t let you fall. Not only must you trust yourself, but you’ve got to put blind faith in the crowd to help—by providing the momentum, a steady stream of capital, and the resources necessary to scale. And, you’ve got to trust that no one will take advantage of you, drop you, or end your ride prematurely in favour of the next best surfer.

Common Goal
Another thing, you and the crowd have a common goal in sight: fun. Pure, unadulterated enjoyment. Because, much like entrepreneurship, it takes a special kind of crazy to jump into crowd of strangers, knowing full well that you have not yet established the good will, reputation, or personal relationships to insure against a fall. But, make the leap anyways— it’s often a fleeting experience, so you might as well enjoy the ride.

Those who have actually crowd-surfed know that like most interpersonal interactions, there are nuances and codes of conduct that can make or break an otherwise pleasant experience. There are more than a few to keep in mind, but one of import seems appropriate to mention: always signal before you jump— it’s hard to rally a crowd to support an effort they don’t know who is coming.

And finally, the best part of the crowd is the movement—together— and the experience—together. On this point, I’m reminded of our friends at who most recently leveraged the crowd to scale up. What better way to grow than by tapping into home grown capital? Or to remain accountable to your friends?

So, at the tail end of this post, this week we’re wondering in what ways can we use the crowd in this community to make stuff happen?


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