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What If? Smashing Gentrification & Biznovator Stretch

Weekly eNews Update #50

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February 5, 2018

/streCH/: verb. be made capable of being made longer or wider without tearing or breaking.

Sadly, to the yogis out here, this is not a piece about how to perfect your downward dog or true insight behind the warrior pose.

Although, if you’ve ever been bungee jumping, you know well that the difference between certain death and an adrenaline-fueled experience boils down to how far the can cords stretch.

Similarly, the degree to which we stretch ourselves in our personal and profession endeavors is proportionally related to our growth, which of course, inherently subjective and highly individualized. But, one would assume that a general preference is to avoid being stagnant, or worse, moving backward.

This week, we’re wondering, what does it mean to stretch?

Break Point. Many are painfully familiar with the sting of a rubber band, be it self-induced or through other means. (Queue the flashbacks to elementary school). Yes, rubber bands have a breaking point. But, they are resilient. The interesting thing is that they always stretch further that anticipated. The same goes for people, including yourself and those with whom you work or are other otherwise associated. As Nelson Mandela observed, it is always seems impossible until it’s done. When given the opportunity, more often than not, we rise to the occasion. So don’t be afraid to design your business and personal environments to encourage stretching.

Spandex. Need we say more? Actually, yes. While some would beg to differ, the best characteristic of spandex is its adjustable fit. You might wonder, why is this even relevant? The truth is, innovation is about stretching. New or creative solutions arise when we stretch the boundaries of our thinking, move beyond our comfort zone and re-orient our version of reality. And, undoubtedly, we find fit in new circumstances.

So give it a try: stretch. Instead try a “what if?” and “why not” approach..


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