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Weekly Update #46

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February 5, 2018

What’s the Secret To Doubling Your ROI?

Any astute investor will tell you the correct answer depends on a variety of factors, including, but by no means limited to the type of investment, the risk profile, the historical or current average return, and perhaps, the industry vertical, if relevant.

But what about when we extend the same inquiry to our organizations? More specifically, to the human capital upon which we so heavily rely.

This week, we’re wondering, which is the better investment: people or positions?

Since organizational structure is a critically important building block to achieving operational efficiency, it may seem counterintuitive to focus on people over positions.

However, the cultural aspirations and values to which an entity ascribes can make all the difference. . . just ask Uber.

Define the currency of your preferred return. Aside from mere dollars, cents, and total revenue generated, consider what qualities an ideal team member should possess? A growth mindset? Initiative? Drive or work ethic? Compassion?Empathy? Honesty? The list goes on and on.

When you delve deeper than the bottom line or look past the four corners of a job description, you are better able to assess an individual’s value to and likelihood of effectuating positive change within an organization.

What is a worthwhile investment? Time and training are obvious. But, investing in the personal development and individual growth of your team by providing opportunities to lead, to sink or swim, or to execute your organization’s vision can go a long way.

Don’t Be A Wing Clipper. Remember, when it comes to the best staff, you’re on borrowed time. And that’s ok. Every relationship, particularly those formed in the workplace setting, is destined to evolve. Rarely in this day and age do employees live out their careers at one organization. Instead, make the most of the time you have. Because, hey, you never know when your best associate, manager, [insert any position] will become your biggest client, your much-needed investor or your next best connection.


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