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Running on E, Connections & In Motion

Weekly eNews Update #43

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February 5, 2018

If You Drive In Miami . . .

Then chances are you’ve pushed your car past its limits on the 826, 836 or 95 to keep going while on “E”. At this point you’re probably wondering if this week’s inquiry relates to self-driving cars, our numerous transportation woes, or something environmentally related.

Not quite.

As we collectively kick off Connect Miami’s 10 days of campaign, this week we’re wondering in what ways can we build stronger connections? How can our attempts to engage with others be driven and informed by empathy?

How about a few dos and don’t to get us started:

Don’t Be An Old Dog: Cliché as it sounds, empathy is indeed teachable, so try a new trick. Technological advances like virtual or augmented reality are a great way to build understanding though a shared experience. Look for opportunities to breakthrough silos built by tradition, bias, or other barriers, no matter how small.

Do Something: Yes, we all know how awkward it may feel to strike up a conversation in an elevator, or trying a restaurant in “questionable” part of town. But the truth is, inherent in creating new connections is the active convergence of two more people, places or things. It’s not passive. It’s intentional. And more often than not, it’s uncomfortable.

Differentiate: When it comes to our startup economy, few innovations are truly unique. In setting up our go-to-market strategy, we know that first in quite often means first out. Typically, what makes a product innovative is its differentiated solution to a given problem.

Beyond merely acknowledging our differences, let’ try to understand them. Differences not only create a space for empathy, but they fundamentally inform and influence how we move though the world.

So this week, try to connect with someone new, even if joining us on Thursday to dance bachata, play connect four, or learn crochet. If you’re not sure how, check out Connect Miami’s growing list of ideas, or if all else fails? Try the Heineken’s approach.


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