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Think Big, Be Epic, Global Impact & Drones Take Flight

Weekly eNews Update #41

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February 6, 2018

Do Epic Sh*T

(obviously, we *try* to keep things PG out here).

That’s the awesome catchphrase of one of our favorite collaborators. (And, if you haven’t checked out her other insights vis-a-vis building a Ramen Noodle budget startup, definitely do so now).

Simple. But, mind-blowing.

This week we’re wondering, how do think big and execute even bigger?

Let’s start by understanding what it means to be epic.

If we take our cues from the Odyssey, perhaps epic means to achieve that which transcends normal standards or expectations. If not, then maybe we should take a page from the Singularity’s book and focus on those pursuits which impact communities on a global scale. I mean, why not solve problems affecting a billion people or more?

To many, being epic is scary. It’s uncomfortable. It signals more than stepping outside your comfort zone; it means thinking beyond the now and envisioning the present life through a lens of the future.

It’s not like you’ll wake up one day and change the world or disrupt your industry in an instant. There’s no warp-speed to greatness. Rather, it’s a process best traversed through manageable increments.

First, start with a big idea. Let it marinate, let it sit. Write it down if you have to. Just don’t let your best ideas fade away under the weight of convention or snap judgments on the likelihood of success.

Then, share it. To often the best ideas remain just ideas because they stay hidden, in secret. Great ideas become concepts when then are tried and tested in the company of your peers, you know those objective folks with unique and relevant insights to add.

Finally, make it happen. Do something, some act –everyday –in furtherance of your idea. Even if it scares you. Don’t sleep on your opportunities.

By no means do we intend to cater solely to your closet idealist. Being an entrepreneur is glamorous, said no one ever! It’s scrappy. it’s stressful. You work more hours than there are in a day, or even two days for that matter. All in the name of doing something soul-quenching-ly important (and presumably, impactful).

Now we all love the Jackson 5, but there’s no way that being epic is as easy as 1-2-3. Setbacks happen, so do roadblocks. But, what’s worse than an being an epic failure is not even trying at all.

So this week: be epic. Even if it’s not easy, just give it a try.



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