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Shakespeare’s Hustle, NFTE & Small Biz Dev

Weekly eNews Update #40

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February 6, 2018

Give Shakespeare a Round of Applause


Not only because he wrote some awesome plays and poems. But, in Romeo and Juliet, he offered the following axiom, the significance of which, perhaps, even he did not fully appreciate: “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” (this one’s for all those students with impending English Lit. finals . . . ).

This week we’re wondering, what’s in a name anyways?

It seems like just about everyone has caught on to the standard startup buzz words that pepper most conversations we overhear these days. You know the terms — entrepreneurship, MVP, KPIs, growth-stage, early-stage, investment-ready, deal-flow— the list goes on and on.

We all know the value of jargon; it makes you seem “in” like you have one iota of experience, or are worth some else’s time and energy.

But how often to do we consider the effect of our language on other people: is it inclusive or excluding?

Depending on the audience or listener, sometimes, the words we choose to use have the opposite of the desired effect. Not because we aren’t clear communicators, but because cultural, geographic, or other variables alter the intended implication.

Entrepreneurship by any other name is a hustle.

A friends and family round by any other name is a lending circle.

Revenue generation by any other name is simply, getting paper.

Ideation by any other name is what we used to call a brainstorm, just cooler.

It’s all semantics. The important point is to identify our common ground.

Since we know that diversity drives innovation and strengthens team dynamics, in our conversations with folks from different backgrounds and life experiences, let’s find ways to translate intentionally, with inclusion in mind. And, please, don’t knock the hustle.

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