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Tread Carefully, The Finals & Why We Love

Weekly eNews Update #39

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February 6, 2018

Be Careful . . .

About who is telling your story.

Our story.

If you’ve ever played the game telephone, you know all to well how easily messages become misaligned. How susceptible they are to manipulation.

You’ve heard it before– maybe more times than we care to admit–but our go-to question to spark conversation is: how can we make Miami a true hub for innovation? Some would argue that it already is. Others, would beg to differ. So this week, we’re wondering: How can we tell a better story? Do we even need to?

As the collective storytellers for Miami’s innovation and entrepreneurial community, we’re all guilty as charged: the stories we tell shape the narratives we perpetuate. Some narratives are out of touch with reality.

Make a Power Play. No, don’t go play the lotto or check out a Florida Panther’s match. Power in the context of storytelling is characterized not only by the ability to tell the story of another, but by one’s capacity to make it THE definitive story, or the only story that matters. Storytelling has a most elusive ability to shape our perception of people, place, or community. That’s real power. And with it comes much responsibility. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie cautions, the danger of a single story “emphasizes how we are different, rather than how we are similar.” In taking ownership of at least one story, we can all make a power play to dismantle stereotypes and backfill incomplete narratives.

Let the Second Become First. Usain Bolt is a household name, but who remembers the name of his coach? The stories of secondary players (our supporting actors) get lost in the mix. But, they hold equal value and import. While we celebrate the exits, let’s talk about those companies who were passed over and why. While we focus on tech startups, let’s not forget about the innovative global corporations who chose to call Miami home, or the diverse founders who are making waves nationally. Try starting with the unusual suspects, those who are not in the limelight and do not hold the power to tell their own stories.

Show, Don’t Tell. Perhaps the best way to tell a better story is to say nothing at all. That’s the value of show vs. tell. Maybe it’s Behind The Bar, 2Techies, or sharing your experience at Waffle Wednesdays, Refresh Miami, or any other fun gathering of innovators (like any given Thursday), Let’s make the story of Miami an experience. One that’s unforgettable and a real reflection of our community.

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