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Weekly eNews update #72

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January 2, 2018


Are You Still Planning To Start Tomorrow?

There’s only so many days you can skip before starting your New Year resolutions. And, we’re already on Day 2.

Amidst making grandiose plans for 2018 to be our best year EVER or your growing list of 365+ goals to meet, let’s talk about why these achievements may never materialize, despite your best intentions. Tim Urban traces this inevitable failure back to prolonged detours to the playground of procrastination.

So in this first week of 2018 we’re wondering, what happens when procrastination stands in the way of our best laid plans for success ?

We lie to ourselves by saying that we thrive under pressure. You know the drill: “Oh yes, my best work comes out at the just before the deadline” or “Sleep is for the weak” or “How many all-nighters did you pull this week?”

Why do we wait to the last minute ?

“It’s too hard for me.”
Somehow and somewhere along the line you have a internalized a fallacy about your capacity, the circumstances or the ability of other essential players to achieve the established goal or objective. The result? A conditioning to take on that which is naturally easy to complete.

“I don’t want to do it.”
Ever notice how quickly we put off tackling the hard stuff? Like your worst subject in grade school; it’s rote, unexciting and probably a bit boring. We convince ourselves that a project is overwhelming. In reality, it just requires some internal motivation and a little extra effort on your part. The result? A tendency to undertake projects with the shiny object draw of visibility or recognition.

“It’s impossible”
Similarly, when you don’t think you can accomplish a goal, it suddenly becomes impossible. You then transform into a master of excuses, create elaborate plans for execution, or buy into unfounded assumptions about both the scope of the task and timeframe necessary for completion. The result? The impossible remains so.

As we steam roll into the new year, here’s a few questions help keep your procrastination at bay:

What limiting assumptions have I baked into my execution plan?
Have I created an infrastructure to maximize accountability ? (hint, hint . . .you’ll need a strategy and your best accountability hack may come in the form another human being)
How can I break this task down into manageable components? (Remember incremental change at consistent pace leads to big impact).
Despite these mental gymnastics, often, what lies at the heart of procrastination is a limiting belief, a lack of accountability, or a desperate cry for a change of perspective. It’s 2018, so let’s make this year count. See you on Thursday!


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