Share your knowledge with the Venture Café community!Propose a session here!
Share your knowledge with the Venture Café community!


Here is a set of guidelines we live by at our Thursday Gatherings

  1. Make yourself at home

    Tip: Be welcoming and friendly… and help keep the place tidy.


  2. Be inclusive

    Tip: The community thrives because we welcome participants without regard to color, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, or disability.


  3. Be interested

    Tip: Learn about other guests’ projects, explore new perspectives, consider the absurd. Ask yourself how can I help?


  4. Connect responsibly

    Tip: We are not a bar, this is not a happy hour. If you think it is, you are in the wrong place.


  5. No hard sales!

    Tip: Innovation is about top level thinking, not bottom line outcomes. Focus on building relationships that will last.


  6. Have fun!

    Tip: Challenge yourself to think outsides of your norms and grow. Be willing to provide constructive feedback and share your ideas.