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SummerTime, Spies and ‘Chain Votes

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July 3, 2018

What Time Is It?

If the 90+ degree weather, afternoon monsoon, and general uncomfortably high humidity haven’t clued you in– it’s officially summer in Miami.

For a large percentage of the population, the summer months represent a continuation of our day-to-day grind.  But, for those under the age of majority and the few who use these three months to cash in stockpiled holiday time, life is about to get interesting.

From Dirty Dancing to I Know What You Did Last Summer,  or your run-of-the-mill vacation in the South Pacific, this time of year brings with it new experiences, exposure to new cultures through travel, and a genuine uptick in exploration.

So this week, we’re wondering how to make the best of summer?

Welp, it’s more than a Will Smith song.  Simply put, summer is a natural inflection point.  It’s the halfway through the year and a perfect time to take a look back, and also a look ahead.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: Defined as the result of curving or bending, an inflection harnesses chaotic energy and tension into a transformative (and typically positive) outcome.  It’s often most recognizable as the point when the distinction between Murphy’s law and your current environment are virtually indistinguishable.  At such times, ask: What went wrong and what could go better?  There are still six months left to adopt a new approach.

#Winning:  Being goal oriented and outcome driven is almost indispensable to progressively move forward.   But not at the expense of celebrating our wins—even the small ones.  Inquire: What exceeded our expectations? In what ways are you #winning in life or work?  Try taking advantage of those summer hours to appreciate what’s working well.

R&R: In the end, maximize your inflection by reflection.  As Maya Angelou cautioned, it’s exceedingly difficult to pour into others from an empty cup.  Rest, relaxation, recharge and reflection time are all critical maintaining a healthy churn of innovative ideas and sustainable growth.  Try taking a breather and just be. Enjoy the 4th and we’ll be back with a cold brew and regularly scheduled program on Thursday, July 5th.


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