Giovanny Cervantes

Giovanny Cervantes

Director of Strategy & Operations - Founder – Thank You - YTR Agency LLC

Hello, I’m Giovanny Cervantes Director of Strategy & Operations and Founder of Thank You – YTR Agency LLC in the Venture Cafe Miami-community! I’m working on THANK YOU, a Web3 referral app with social Fi elements that allows users to gain crypto rewards for their recommendations.



The problem I’m aiming to solve is to consolidate all the referral and loyalty programs in a single app, maximizing the user experience and redemption rates. The THANK YOU app incorporates a Crypto wallet for users to purchase products and services using their rewards within the ecosystem and allows businesses to easily create crypto loyalty programs for their current and potential customers.


As a visitor, Venture Café has helped me expand my network in my entrepreneurial journey. Venture Café is a community of builders where I have been able to find the right partner companies, providers, venture firms and mentors to help me scale my idea and startup.



What I’m doing is awesome because we are company driven by purpose, we believe thats it’s posible to create a tech ecosystem where users maximize their rewards and businesses effectively utilize the power of WOW (word of mouth) to engage their costumers with their brands by giving them the choice to be rewarded in crypto tokens and use them as they want.


Learn more about what I do on my website!

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