Anastasiia Snakina

Anastasiia Snakina

Sr UX Designer – Verizon

Hello, I’m Anastasiia Snakina, Sr UX Designer at Verizon in the Venture Cafe Miami-community! I’m working on improving the user experience by analyzing the current requirements and needed functionality, and working on how to combine them. I run tests using queries, reproduce platform behaviors on the web, and come up with the new design ideas to draw up. Also, I collaborate with developers, product managers, quality assurance engineers, service team and designers. As a Venture Café Miami ambassador, I help welcome the innovation community to our space and execute the gatherings.



The problem I’m aiming to solve is the general accessibility of web products. I believe in constant analysis and product improvement through user feedback, trend research, user requests, and the use of the latest technology. When using apps like Facebook or Robinhood, I realized there was no easy way to contact customer service through their interface. Finding the help I needed became frustrating, and navigating through their labyrinth of a UI made me want to leave and close the app. If these basic functions were difficult for me to access, imagine the issues someone with a disability might encounter. This is an obstacle I plan to remedy.



As a visitor at Venture Café my favorite experience was the Biohunt Summit, which was full of international startup companies, investors, and interesting sessions. I also love our regular pitch nights with presentations and valuable feedback from experts. Venture Café Miami has definitely helped me grow my network— especially in the tech area. I feel lucky and blessed to be a part of the team.



The world should know that I’ve come a long way in realizing what I love to do. I was searching what my preferences and tendencies were in life. Now I know that I enjoy improving to digital world, being creative, and artistic. I’ve wanted to share with others my gift and help people to see their own as well by collaborating on ideas, startups, and ways to bring value to the world.


Learn more about what I do on my LinkedIn!

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