Tuğba Yazıcı

Tuğba Yazıcı

Turkish Artist

Tuğba Yazıcı was born in Istanbul. After studying at the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts, she studied Fashion Design; at the Istanbul Fashion Academy between 2012 and 2014. In addition to the paintings she produced and the exhibitions she organized, she created her own brand in 2014; She adapted her paintings from canvas into her designs and created a brand under the name “Tugba Yazıcı”.

The artist combines his paintings with fashion with the concept Portable Art; Today, she is carried all over the world with colorful, bold, and different designs. Her designs are worn in many countries around the world. She also continues her painting works and participates in international exhibitions.

In addition, she writes in the art and culture column of the arttmodernmiami newspaper. Recently, the artist has also been working as a film producer. She is the producer of an American and Italian festival film shot in Miami during Art Week 2023.
Her latest film, shot in Rome, Miami-St Augustine, will participate in international festivals. The artist lives in Florida.