Otto Tiles & Design

Otto Tiles & Design

Contemporary Quality Artisan Tiles

Damla Turgut
Founder & Creative Director

“I realised there was a gap in the design world for a blend of my homeland’s culture and art with a contemporary, rustic touch. I am inspired by Turkey, and the many civilisations and cultures who have called it home, mixing these traditional patterns with contemporary art to create something new and unique”

Born and raised in Istanbul, Founder and Creative Director Damla Turgut began her career in finance law. In 2014, frustrated with the lack of designed tiles on the market, she established Otto Tiles & Design in Istanbul. Trilingual, and with a passion for art and design, Damla is now based in London where she opened her second showroom in 2019. With its mix of contemporary, fashion-forward designs, high-level end-to-end management and quality control, Otto Tiles & Design has quickly established itself as a leader in the tile market.

Damla designs her tiles in London, and they are crafted by hand in Turkey by skilled artisans using traditional production methods. Guided by the ancient art and handicrafts of her Turkish homeland, she mixes traditional aesthetics with contemporary style to create unique and beautiful tiles and interior design.

This blend of ancient and modern, East meets West, modern and rustic, is what makes Otto Tiles & Design truly special, and helps Damla’s stunning designs stand out.