Nicole Vasquez

Chief Operating Officer, Refresh Miami, Co-Founder, Deskpass, Community Builder & Author, 3x Founder, 2 Exits

Nicole Vasquez is the Chief Operating Officer of Refresh Miami, the oldest and largest technology community in Miami with over 15,500 members; and a Co-Founder of Deskpass, a hybrid work technology company connecting remote workers to a global community of on-demand workspaces.

Fusing a decade of entrepreneurial success with an innate ability to synthesize
information and create systems, Nicole clears the path for companies to scale. Through a unique combination of collecting customer feedback, collaborating across teams, and defining business strategy, Nicole produces highly-efficient and mission-driven organizations poised for rapid growth.

In addition to a human-first approach to scaling business operations, Nicole is an expert community builder and author, having sold 2 coworking spaces with online communities and publishing an eBook titled ‘How to Plan and Launch an Online Community.’

With over 50 media interviews including Barron’s Penta, Cheddar News, and Thrillist, Nicole enjoys discussing her experiences with the goal of being a helpful resource to others in their development journey. Nicole has held various advisory and volunteer positions, and was a Professional Fellow through the U.S. Department of State traveling to Europe to speak about how to build and maintain collaborative communities.

Personally, Nicole has traveled to over 40 countries and will forever be a learner of the world by seeking out new experiences, asking intriguing questions, and having compelling conversations.