Jonathan Chen

Jonathan Chen

Founder – Taiwan Ice

Jonathan came from Kaohsiung, Taiwan to Florida when he was in 12th grade and obtained his Bachelor’s in Finance at Florida Atlantic University.

After he graduated from FAU, he got an office job and worked there for a few years, but he knew deep down that he wanted to do something else. In 2015, he changed his career path to hospitality and in 2017, he established his own business, Taiwan Ice, which serves Taiwanese bubble tea and shaved ice.

He continued to expand his business in the following years and opened up several restaurants in South Florida including Fatty Crab, Zuru Noodle Bar, and Sesame Asian Bistro.

Jonathan and his team were very keen on making contributions to the local community and school charity events, he also participated in many events at Teco Miami office’s request to promote Taiwan’s savory taste and food culture.