Brian Reynolds

Brian Reynolds

Diplomat – United States Department of State

Brian is currently serving as the Deputy to the Civilian Policy Advisor to the Commander of United States Southern Command.  Over his 18-year career as a Diplomat, Brian has served in many capacities during his tours in Beijing, New Delhi, Panama, Bogota, Baghdad, Frankfurt, Addis Ababa, Taipei, and Miami.

Prior to his career in the Foreign Service, Brian was the Vice-President of Robinson Armament, a small arms development firm selected as a finalist to compete for the replacement of the M4 carbine rifle.

Brian was born and raised in Southern California though the last 17 years he has spent overseas with his wife and six children.  Brian has a bachelor’s degree in international relations with emphasis on Russian Studies and a master’s degree in Public Administration.  He speaks a little Spanish and tries to communicate in Mandarin, Russian and English.