Atelier Newday Pottery Painting Studio

Atelier Newday Pottery Painting Studio

Pottery Studio

Meet Damla Yenigun, the owner of Atelier Newday Pottery Painting Studio located in East Oakland Park, Florida. A young entrepreneur, Damla holds a Bachelor’s degree in Product/Industrial Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

With a background in design, music, and fine arts, Damla brings a variety of experiences from her collaborations with various brands throughout her career. Today, she passionately leads Atelier Newday, offering an atmosphere for creativity
and mindfulness.

At her studio, Damla introduces art meditation classes suitable for all ages. Beyond the studio walls, she extends her creative touch to many senior living residences across Florida, fostering artistic expression and joy.

Damla’s commitment to holistic well-being shines through as she hosts diverse workshops at Atelier Newday, including pottery sessions, musical sessions, intention setting, and breathing workshops.