Anna Anisin

Founder at DataScience.Salon, Entrepreneur, Community Builder, Mentor, 3 Exits

Anna Anisin, an American entrepreneur, has been recognized as a Tech Industry Insider by CNN for three consecutive years. With a remarkable track record, she served as CEO of 4Sync and VP of US Ops at 4Shared, a rapidly growing cloud storage provider in 2012. Following her tenure at 4Sync, Anna co-founded Passare, the leading collaboration software in the funeral industry. She then joined the founding team at Domino Data Lab, contributing to the development of a cutting-edge enterprise data science management platform. Anna is currently the founder of DataScience.Salon, a prominent data science community and event series. Additionally, she manages, a boutique B2B marketing firm, while actively advocating for women in tech and sharing her expertise as a Forbes contributor in the fields of data science and marketing.