Trans-led Non-profit

TransSOCIAL provides a wide range of TLGBQ+ programs and services that have launched since our founding in 2016. With our partner organization, The McKenzie Project, they recently opened two Joy & Liberation Centers to better serve and organize the community. Their comprehensive case management for Trans individuals includes legal name and gender marker change assistance, affirming medical and mental health referrals, immigration referrals, and financial assistance with medical and pharmacy co-pays for transition care.

TransSOCIAL also offers affirming medical and mental health referrals for anyone in the TLGBQ+ community through their Play Safe Miami program. Their peer support group, TransConnect, meets regularly and is open to Trans and questioning individuals and their loved ones to combat the isolation faced by so many Trans people. In addition, their TLGBQ+ Cultural Sensitivity Training is available to healthcare providers, attorneys, therapists, schools, organizations and businesses that want to learn how to make their spaces safe and affirming to TLGBQ+ clients and employees. TransSOCIAL is also working in coalition with other non-profits throughout South Florida to address labor standards, gender justice issues, HIV prevention programs, affordable housing and other social service initiatives that directly affect the TLGBQ+ community.