Share your knowledge with the Venture Café community!Propose a session here!
Share your knowledge with the Venture Café community!


There are a number of ways to get involved in the Venture Café community. Below are some of the current opportunities. This changes from time-to-time, so keep checking back.

Become a Program Partner

Do you have an inspiring story to tell, something important to share or some wisdom to spread? As a program partner, you can contribute to our program. If you look at out overview you will see our over-arching topics and what might be relevant to your expertise. If you are interested please contact us here!

Join the Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program, is an opportunity for you to connect on a deeper level with our community and to be a bigger part of Venture Café. Our Thursday Gatherings would not be possible without the support of our amazing Ambassadors. Join the team and help strengthen the Innovation Ecosystem!

Welcoming Team: You will be the host of Venture Café, welcoming all guests and assuring that they understand the program. You set the level of quality for our community as you are the first person people meet. If you have an outgoing personality and love to know who comes into our community, this is the perfect fit for you! This is an opportunity to connect with all the guests, and help in creating an open environment for the café space.

Bar Team: The people at the bar of Venture Café are making sure networking is supported. Apart from having fun with the team and rocking the bar, our bar team is the dominate presence at Venture Cafe. As the bar is in the center of the event we need barpeople that have oversight and know how to stir a group. This is an opportunity to grow into supervising a group while both serving and connecting with the community.

Marketing: What happens at Venture Café should be also seen for the outside world. If you have social media experience we would love it if you could help capturing special connections! This would be for the Thursday gathering & any other awesome connecting events.

Floor Connector (Appointed): At Venture Café there is a great playground to build and connect different parts of the innovation community. If you love to find out what a person is doing and enjoy to ensure the right connections between people, we would love to have you on our team. Let’s mingle your network with our own community, and catalyse collaborations so that the power of the innovation ecosystem can be elevated.

Bar Lead (Appointed) : If you have Horeca/ Bar experience, and know how to stimulate and represent our community, this would be a great role for you! We are looking for people who would take the lead over the barteam once every week. This is an opportunity to grow into leadership skills and carry out the mandate of Venture Café.

Ambassador Lead (Appointed): If you love an intimate community and know how to stimulate individuals in personal growth, ambassador lead might be a great role for you. As our ambassador team is growing we need people that are giving more attention to the ambassadors themselves than all the operational things that need to be done.

Any additional questions email