Performance consultant Joe Metcalfe will share how anxiety came to rule his life while working in real estate and sales, the time he reached a breaking point, and what he decided to do about it!

During this interactive workshop, Join Joe in a discussion about how we can move into more aligned action, become unstuck, and reduce our stress. 

Joe will share the mindfulness practices that helped him learn how to manage stress and anxiety and lead a more purposeful life. His unique perspective will encourage you to look at your business differently, and help you gain the clarity to produce better results.

Joe is the founder of a performance consulting practice that facilitates team-building experiences with companies including Salesforce, Lexus, Virgin, and Club Med, as well as providing one-on-one and small-group coaching. He is thrilled that he gets to channel all he has learned during his own personal growth journey into helping others perform at their best.

August 11, 2022