While strategy, sales, fundraising and operations are important for business success, one often overlooked aspect is human connection. That’s where Joe Metcalfe comes in! 

As a highly sought-after Performance Coach specializing in Corporate Wellness and Team Connection, Joe understands that human connection is crucial for business success. But he also knows that entrepreneurs and founders are busy people. That’s why he’s here to share practical tips and actionable strategies to tap into this often underrated aspect.

In this session, Joe will cover the key factors to create an effective team culture and an aligned mindset. He’ll show you how to connect on a deeper level with co-workers and clients, shifting your relationships from transactional to intentional. Joe will also explore how mental health and wellness contribute to empathy in the workplace, and how applying it can enrich your business relationships and drive growth.

If you’re ready to set yourself apart as a founder and differentiate your business, it’s time to embrace the power of human connection!

August 10, 2023

Getting Here

We’re hosted on the first floor of the Converge Miami Building, located at 1951 NW 7th Ave, Miami, FL 33136.

The building offers a parking lot for your convenience, which is available for use. Bring your parking ticket with you so we can validate your ticket on the way out – validation lasts for 15 minutes.