BlueTech Pitching Workshop (Virtual)

September 23, 2021 | 6:15 PM - 8:15 PM
Room: The Cafe

Virtual session


The Startup Pitching workshop is about story-telling that gets funding. For better or worse, many investors "invest in people," so the key ingredient in the pitch is YOU, not your ideas or your startup. To craft a good pitch, we will explore best practices from the world of cinema, TED Talks, Shark Tank pitches, typical investor pitches, and even playwriting. We won't only focus on the content of your pitch; but also on your ability to present it well. Since no one invests from hearing a pitch. The goal of this Startup Pitching workshop is to engage the audience enough for them to want to engage with you. When you are pitching, the goal is not to make a sale; the goal is to make a friend. 


This workshop is unique and will require constant participation from everyone in the workshop - there will be 15 bystanders + 8 Blue Tech startup founders and it is the second session as part of Seaworthy Collective efforts to help gauge the startups' progress now that they're in the final month of their cohort.

This is a hybrid event with limited in person availability and RSVP only. Be sure to register if you are planning to join in person.

September 23, 2021