Artists as Entrepreneurs

In-person session

December 2, 2021 | 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Room: The Cafe

“Artists as Entrepreneurs: Navigating the Creative Development process” — In celebration of Art Basel. this week’s gathering shines a light on the gruelingly beautiful period between having an idea... and having a product to share with the world. Just as entrepreneurs structure their business so. too. must artists build relationships. manage resources. brand. advertise and create a strategy around their services. What do you do after you’ve created that song. painting or poem? How do you get your idea from your head and onto the big screen? Which steps do creators need to take in order to get their creativity off of the ground and into the marketplace?

Join our panel of creators— filmmaker. producer. painter. songwriter and performer — to unravel the many steps that an artist must take in order to bring their work to life. This session will break down the development process and lay out the steps to make them a reality. Discover which success habits inspire their creativity. which relationships helped merge collaborations. which challenges they’ve had to overcome. and just which components go into their evolving creative process. An evening of live music. shared cocktails and live painting will be grounded in inspirational stories and meaningful connections that will allow any creator to see the path towards pursuing their dreams.

December 2, 2021

Getting Here

We’re hosted on the first floor of the Converge Miami Building, located at 1951 NW 7th Ave, Miami, FL 33136.

The building offers a parking lot for your convenience, which is available for use. Bring your parking ticket with you so we can validate your ticket on the way out – validation lasts for 15 minutes.