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The South Florida landscape is driven by small businesses. Indeed,  Miami-Dade County by itself ranks 4th in the US according to the number of small businesses and has the highest small business concentration (81.3 %) in the region totalling 82,000+ that employ 53.3% percent of the workforce.

However, Miami ranks in the bottom tier on national indices for firm scaling which reveals that our ecosystem still has glaring needs (36 out 39 on Kauffman growth index). Similarly, the recent report , Miami’s Competitive Advantages in Entrepreneurship, noted the Miami area has a lower proportion of larger, high-value, entrepreneurial companies compared to many other U.S. communities.

Passport aims to resolve this problem of scale. Passport will develop the entrepreneurs’ industry specific knowledge about scaling their businesses successfully across the United States through individual and small group access to local and national resources.


In partnership with local ESOs and by leveraging the Venture Cafe Global Network, Passport will curate high-value experiences both in Miami and nationally, focused exclusively on connecting diverse, Miami based, Main Street founders with each other, prospective investors, and B2B partnership opportunities.

It will do so through an immersive study tour, intensive group coaching, and masterclass sessions focused on industry specific and tactical strategies for business growth led by founders and executives who have a track record of scaling ventures.  It will also include access to platforms of resources, training, and measurement tools to leverage technology enablement as an operational growth tool and revenue driver.

Each Passport cycle will run for one quarter and support 12 entrepreneurs per cohort.


We’re specifically targeting the Main Street founders that we don’t see visibly participating within Miami’s existing entrepreneurship scene– i.e. those founders who have their heads down in full commitment to growth. Each cohort will consist of 12 entrepreneurs.


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