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May I Help You? Bingo & Accelerating Impact

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May 7, 2018


Why Won’t You Ask For Help?

A recent study revealed 5 reasons why asking for help simply isn’t easy: (1) self reliance and preferring to complete work solo; (2) image protection; (3) not wanting to return the favor; (4) a distrust of the helper’s motives, and (5) a belief that others are simply incompetent.

Maybe you have experience with these five reasons– or others.  (Perhaps we should all agree to plead the fifth as to excuse No. 5 above . . .).  Whatever your justification, failing to ask for help not only stunts your professional growth, but it also impacts the overall morale and culture of any organization.

This week, we’re inspired by May I Help You? A mini documentary about Miami based  Kerry Grunson who, despite her physical disabilities, shares her unique vision for helping others by asking for help.

Although we’re no strangers to the topic, here are a few helpful takeaway from the film that about asking for help.

The Gift of Giving. Perhaps it’s a little taboo to think about workplace team dynamics in terms of gifting and receiving, and perhaps a bit transactional.  (Though, Adam Grant’s Give and Take provides a deeper exploration of this phenomenon).  Realize that when you ask for help you are actually giving a gift.  The gift of an opportunity to be part of your success, an opportunity to collaborate, or an opportunity to strengthen your working or personal relationship. Help is neither a sign of weakness, nor a measure of competence. Need help? Remove yourself from the equation.

F.E.A.R.  Also know as False Evidence Appearing Real.  While operating in fear often prevents us from making the ask, the cost of doing nothing because of fear is greater.  Notably, studies show that those who have negative views about accepting help demonstrate, “lower levels of job performance, were less helpful themselves, were less willing to go the extra mile for their organization, and were less creative.  .  . they weren’t just failing to realize the benefits of helping behaviors; they were incurring a host of negative outcomes, as well.” Kerry Grunson, offers sage advice from her experience: “ asking for help does not make you any less important or less strong.  In fact, it’s the fear of asking for help stops many people from becoming their full potential.”

Who can you ask to help you this week?


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