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Heads or Tails?

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September 10, 2019

Before the rise of digital currency and credit cards, we paid for things using cash (or bank notes) and coins.  Not only was small money helpful when purchasing snacks at the 7Eleven, but a surefire way to settle any dispute usually ended with a coin toss.– including, who will snag the Super Bowl’s starting kick.

With any coin flip, we already know there are two sides and thus honestly believe that anyone has a 50-50 chance at coming out a winner.  Yet, research shows that individuals are more likely to select the option which subconsciously appears more reachable, more attainable.  This cognitive bias is activated in favour of the first option posed.  Heads or Tails. Tails or Heads.

Similarly, entrepreneurship has at least two sides. Like any dichotomy, we often focus on what is easier: the good vs. the bad or the external performance markers vs. the internal, hard work of preparation.

So this week, we’re wondering how to choose the best side of the entrepreneurship coin.

Lonely Hearts Club

Despite all the glamorization of #startup life. Starting a new venture can be isolating. Working on new technology or solutions is alienating.  Being an entrepreneur is lonely.

Don’t take my word for it, there’s plenty of research validating this experience.  Indeed, experts agree that among the most effective antidotes to CEO solitude and the resulting stress indicators, is a reliable support system within which the “collaborative relationship does not privilege one person over another, instead it allows a CEO to regain perspective, align priorities, and adapt management practices”   In short, developing horizontal and vertical relationships are critical fuel to any growth plan. 

The Problem of Bigger

In our hyper networked society, we often approach the process of building professional relationship like a game of mergers and acquisition.  Transactional considerations replace value driven engagement.  We applaud a go big or go home attitude, where likes, followers, and numbers become the standard of success.

Though in three short years, VCM has logged over 40,000 attendees and over 100,000 hours of connection time, we’ve realized that bigger isn’t always better.  It’s easy to get lost among the crowd of 200+ who gather weekly.  It’s even easier to loose the personalized touch that comes with building community at scale.  And, as we continue to grow and expand our reach, we recognize that our small but mighty team doesn’t have all the answers.

Roadmap Your Innovation

Instead of super-sizing the #ThursdayGatherings as we do with #VCMTakeover Nights, we’re launching Navigate— an effort to make VCM hosted experiences more personal and less overwhelming. 

Not only will newbies (and 1st timers) receive some awesome new SWAG, but Navigate will serve as a roadmap for YOU to maximizing our programs.

  Think regular small meetup groups aligned around shared interests or needs.  Imagine a clear process for getting more plugged in to serve and access to the special perks our Ambassadors know so much about.  Get a chance to peek behind the curtain of contribution and help shape the schedule of breakout sessions to better relate to what matters most to you.

What makes you feel like you belong? 

What content is valuable? 

What stories inspire you?

As we roll out this beta experiment that is Navigate, we’ll need your help to understand these and more questions that will surely arise.  Drop us a line if you’d like to help or learn more.  See you on Thursday!

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