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Ambassador program


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Ambassador Team 

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our awesome team of Ambassadors (ahem, a fancy name for volunteer!). Ambassadors help run the Venture Café Thursday Gathering, the largest weekly convening of innovators in Miami, welcoming attendees, upholding our Community Credo, enhancing our innovation space, and serving up social lubricants (fancy word for beer, wine, and mocktails!).

Thursday Gatherings & #VCMTakeover’s don’t just happen on their own. Besides the Venture Café Miami staff, a team of eight to twelve volunteers help produce the magic. If you like telling the story through the creation of digital content, or greeting people as they visit, or serving up a drink to a thirsty innovator, we want to talk to you. Here are some brief descriptions of our ambassador roles.

Ambassadors have the opportunity to:

Our bar crew serve beer and wine to gathering attendees. The job is to maintain a safe drinking environment (only 3 beers per guest- keep track!), checking for nametags and tag stamps before serving guests, and helping to set up and/or keep up the bar area. Shifts range from 1 hour – 2.5 hours.

Our hosts welcome all guests at the check in tables, engage with newcomers to help them orient themselves, help troubleshoot kiosk & nametag printer issues, and check IDs & stamp nametags of people over 21. Shifts are 1.5 hours.

Our photographers & videographers snap photos of breakout sessions and general capturing of the atmosphere, they also try to get shots of people engaging in conversations as well as posed pictures. We ask that the photos be uploaded to Venture Cafe’s google drive by the following Monday, so we can upload them to the Venture Cafe Facebook page. Shifts are 2.5 hours.

Check out our Volunteer Guide to get acquainted with the Ambassador role and understand our philosophy. We’re grateful for your interest and can’t wait to get you plugged in. Complete our Ambassador Interest Form today, and we’ll get in touch!



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