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Wellness Power Hour: Stress Release For Emotional Fitness w/ Debbie Vainstein | Center for Social Change

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May 26, 2020
May 28, 2020 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

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Join Debbie in this unique experience of allowing your body to release the muscular tension caused by suppressed emotions under stress, through a creative way to work with your body to relax the mind. We will breathe, move, vibrate, and encourage the use of the voice to connect with your emotions and evoke deep states of relaxation. You will experience Aliveness, the joy of being fully alive!
Instagram: @debbievainsteincoach

Wellness Power Hour is a special #VCMVirtual series powered by the Center for Social Change to help the community focus on different health and wellness activities each week. Join us every Thursday from 5-6 pm for new content on how to live a better, more active, and more mindful life during quarantine!

About the Instructor
Debbie Vainstein is a Certified Bioenergetic and Mind-Body coach and a Body-Psychotherapy facilitator, who believes in the strong connection between the body, mind, and emotions.

Her career, with more than 15 years of experience in the field, has allowed her to master different techniques, and help individuals and groups into their transformational journey to a more fulfilled life.

Debbie’s method called Aliveness Mind & Bodywork, helps people suffering from stress and body ailments to recover their wellbeing by offering a unique and creative way to work with the body, to relax the mind, connect with emotions and feel the joy of being fully alive!

Aliveness method is an integration of bodywork that includes breathing, grounding, movements, and vibrations, with powerful exercises to encourage emotional release.

With fluency in both English and Spanish, Debbie offers her skills and capacity for deep connection to those having roots in many cultures. Debbie’s private practice is in Miramar, FL at the facilities of Aliveness Mind and Bodywork, a wellness center owned by her.

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