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Artist Studio Virtual Visits: Rochelle Berman | Life is Art Inc.

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June 23, 2020
May 28, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 7:45 pm
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Join Life Is Art weekly during #VCMVirtual to meet local artists! Take a step “out” of your lockdown to enjoy a tour of the artist’s studio, listen to their stories, and interact with them to ask about their lives and process. Go full-screen and it is almost like you are there!

It is a break from the talking heads of most Zoom meetings. A way to get “out” and see something new and different. The opportunity to talk creativity and inspiration. To refresh your spirit and feed your soul. To pep up your mind maybe help you look at things from a new perspective. Art IS innovation and Life Is Art.

This week we feature  Rochelle Berman

Theme: Women and their Issues-Dreamscape Series
Struggles and Dreams, Transformation and Fear and Love, Growth-
Dreamscapes- Symbolic and Impressionistic

Rochelle Berman Bio:

The artist was born in Brooklyn, NY and currently lives in Miami, Florida. She spent her youth studying the visual arts, including classes in life drawing and painting in NYC as a teen. She always loved to draw, paint, and write poetry, but it was in college that she actually discovered her greatest passion of all was with photography. Classically trained in photography, she started her studies with black and white film photography at Arizona State University, She was employed as a portrait photographer while still in college. Later, she learned to utilize creative film techniques using double exposure, solarization, photo-montage, and other darkroom effects. Rochelle assisted her professors in the History of Photography classes, and she was inspired by studying such diverse Masters of Photography from the past and present such as Henri Cartier Bresson, Man Ray, Abbott, Brassaii, Julia Margaret Cameron just to name a few. Some modern favorites include (Portrait) Phillips Halsman, Annie Leibovitz, Barbara Morgan, Arnold Newman, (Experimental photography ) Bill Brandt, Andre Kertesz, Sandy Skoglund (Travel/ Documentary ) Steve McCurry, and Jim Zuckerman.

Rochelle has exhibited and sold her artwork locally and internationally. She enjoys creating certain “Dreamscape” type effects through creatively envisioning the final result and then employing the Digital Darkroom techniques. Rochelle especially enjoys creating experimental portraits, nature studies, and travel-related Images. Well-traveled, Rochelle Berman attempts to capture the immense beauty of our world as seen throughout many countries, people, and landscapes. She likes to capture the special moments and underlying essence of a scene. Totally in love with Color and Pattern, her artworks are electrically vibrant, simple, and direct in composition and emotionally rich. Some of her favorite artists include (impressionist) Matisse, Monet, Cassatt. (Surrealist ) Dali and Magritte, (Expressionistic decorative/symbolist ) Klimt and Chagall.

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