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June 18, 2018

Do You Live In An Echo Chamber?

In the age of Cambridge Analytica and eerily accurate digital advertising, rarely, if ever, do we answer that question truthfully.  But, perhaps we should.

This week, we’re wondering how to avoid feeling right when we’re dead wrong?   Hint: it starts with your team. And what better crew to learn from than the beloved, 90s favourite:  Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

Beyond the snazzy onesies, subpar acting, and highly choreographed fight scenes, the Power Rangers have some worthwhile insights to share.

Make the Dream Work
If there’s strength in diversity, then building an inclusive team starts with knowing where best to fill your gaps.  While the Power Rangers certainly excelled as a collective, their ability to solve problems, confront obstacles, and escape thorny situations depended largely on their individual talents.

Managers are both leaders and architects of individual potential.  Just like building plans must pass inspection, don’t be afraid to rely on personality assessments or character inventories to construct the right fit.  From StrengthFinder, DiSC, Meyers-Briggs, or Social Styles– there are plenty to choose from. Not only are these tools a fun way to learn more about each other, but the results arm you with the information necessary to maximize the impact of your team.

Flight Paths
Did you know that the average airplane flight creates about half a terabyte of data?  Talk about information overload.

Not all data is bad, particularly when it comes to effective decision making.  In fact, less information leaves more room for speculation and ample space for misinterpretation.  Just like people rarely remember what you say, but rather, how it you made them feel; the same hold true when extrapolating instructive insights from growing stockpiles of data. We often loose sight of value over volume.

So, in your next effort to avoid that sinking feeling of being wrong, don’t forget about the benefit of those well-defined analytics, feedback loops driven by hard data and stories of impact, plus some good ‘ole fashioned conversations. But, to preserve accuracy at scale, remember who you ask matters just as much as what you ask.

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