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Genius Project

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The Genius Project

Venture Café Miami facilitates the Genius Project: a year-long STEAM-E youth innovation program that will offer free weekly afternoon programs focused on design, innovation, science, technology, art, engineering, mathematics, and entrepreneurship to middle and high school youth in Overtown. 

The Genius Project will operate in partnership with Genius Factory, a Overtown based nonprofit organization that provides STEAM educational workshops for youth taught by innovation industry professionals, as well as other community based non-profit organizations, local schools and innovation ecosystem leaders and entrepreneurs to teach middle and high school students entrepreneurial thinking and expose them to practical skills to accelerate innovation through a variety of programs, including peer-to-peer training boot camp, innovation competitions, and hackathons.

Genius Project will target weekly participation of 20-30 middle and high school students in workshops that challenge them to think outside of the box while creating new ideas and businesses in addition to experiential exploration of innovation in the traditional science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics, and entrepreneurship fields.

Peer Training Studio

From this group, 15 promising students may apply for the Peer Training Studio, which will include a 10 week intensive program designed to provide the peer mentors with training and tools needed to serve a peer facilitators of weekly Genius Project workshops, following the two year pilot and also to launch satellite Innovation Studio programs in local schools, afterschool programs and community centers. 


The key objectives of the Genius Project are to:

  • Enhance the essential learning areas of critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, adaptability and imagination by empowering participants to research, analyze, evaluate and create new knowledge. 
  • Minimize the STEAM-E education gap through free, regular exposure and hands-on experiential learning opportunities
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer and professional mentoring opportunities for youth who have demonstrated an interest in STEAM-E fields
  • Increase STEM-E related career awareness and encourage middle and high school students to pursue STEAM-E careers and postsecondary educational opportunities
  • Create opportunities for students to meaningfully interact and build relationships with professionals in Miami’s technology and innovation sectors