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Are You The BIG Distraction

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November 13, 2018

Are You The Big Distraction?

Surely, I’ve got your attention now.  It’s probably because you’re (somewhat) guilty of giving into your favourite distraction, or some cases being one.

If we’re being honest here, try naming the top two applications on your smart phone that take up most of your time.  (If you don’t know, the iPhone has a new feature that tracks your app usage and was clearly designed to be a digital guilt trip).

Despite our fast-paced lives and the technological advances that optimize our efficiency, admittedly, our culture is more distracted than ever.  From texting-while-driving to the inability to enjoy a meal absent up-to-the-minute social media updates, for many of us, we live in a constant state of channel surfing the moments of our lives.

Yet, existing in a maelstrom of distraction is hardly good for the bottom line in business, nor does it benefit our interpersonal relationship skills.  And apparently we need those now more than ever.

So this week, particularly in honor of Veteran’s Day, we’re taking some anti-distraction advice from perhaps the most focus-driven cadre we know– the Armed Forces.

Specifically, we’re examining how the some of the Army’s core values offer an interesting antidote playbook for refocusing our distraction.  Check out some of the questions we’re asking:

To whom are you LOYAL?  Shakespeare’s advice “to thine own self be true” is a good reminder that your values dictate or influence your actions.  Gaining clarity on your internal compass will keep your path straight.

Are you motivated by DUTY or desire? It’s much easier to keep distraction at bay when you are interested in the task at hand.

In what ways are you COURAGEOUS enough to buck the trend? Resist the tendency to stay in your late and try operating  outside of the norm — that’s often where the most interesting experiences occur.

How do you SERVE?  Leaders who serve first and direct or dictate second are often most effective.  Best described as “not only about trying to help people do, and be, the best they can. It is also, critically, about enabling everyone to contribute to that higher purpose. Posing the question: “How can I help you to achieve our vision?” certainly is.

Do you HONOR your time and the time of others? It’s easy to forget but, time is precious, so let’s not waste it.  See you on Thursday!


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