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Are You An Influencer?

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April 4, 2019

If this were a self-scoring quiz, most would rate our influential abilities as 10 of 10. (ok, maybe 8 of 10)

In professional and personal domains, influence matters. 

While most ventures do not track influence as standard metric of growth, prospective buyers in the merger, acquisition or sales context often value an organization’s goodwill or reputational assets.

So this week, we’re taking a closer look at the power of influence.  Not just to increase our social media followers, but to understand how to increase impact.

Dale Carnegie’s classic How to Win Friends and Influence People, offers these six tactics:  (1) demonstrate a genuine interest in others, (2) smile, (3) remember names, (4) listen, well, (5) focus conversation on the interests of the others, and (6) sincerely make people feel important.  Whether applied to sales or relationship development, these tried and true strategies are likely to grow your influence quotient (and make people like you!).

Fast forward, we’re in the age of the Influencer.  This phenomenon has experienced exponential growth in the past few years.  Now, individuals who boast sizable social media followings can leverage their capacity to effect the decision making or behavior of others in exchange for compensation in a variety of forms.  

Influencer marketing has evolved from simply capturing likes and views to more sophisticated performance and evaluation metrics. Recent HBR survey, How Brands Can Build Successful Relationships With Influencers, notes a marked shift from transactional to relational based partnerships:

What this survey reveals is that 83 years later, Carnegie’s principles still apply in our hyper-digital world. (Still not convinced? Check out the metrics on your favorite brand (or yourself) on Social Blade)

Alternatively, if social media moguldom is not your prime directive, you can’t escape the value (and power) of influence.  Why not start small by adopting a personal influencer credo or values statement?  This might serve you well as a north star or help maximize your interactions with others, particularly where power dynamics are unequal.   Personally, I’m inspired by the Rotary International Four Way test:

Whether gaining influence is personal objective or marketing tactic, an important takeaway is this litmus test:  Are you the influencer, or are others influencing you?


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