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Are You A Brick Breaker?

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October 17, 2018

Are You A Brick Breaker?

Oh, yes. I’m taking you back to the time when Blackberry was on par with the iPhone. When these two smartphone giants divided friends, families and office IT teams.

Brick Breaker was among the great features that made the early Blackberry a top contender (beyond BBM and the trackball).

So simple, yet simply addicting.  The ultimate time-wasting game.

So this week, we’re wondering what insights can we gain from  a game about smashing bricks?

As entrepreneurs and community builders, we can’t hide from innovation.  To maintain or grow our customer base, to stay ahead of the competition, to capture new revenue streams; whatever the reason, we’re constantly called upon to innovate.

To have an obstruction free path for you or your team to incorporate innovation into your culture and organizational processes, we must be brick breakers.  The kind of brick breakers that quickly clear away the obstacles that block innovation.

What are your innovation blockers?  Here are few that come to mind:

Bureaucracy: who doesn’t love a pile of red tape and innumerable processes that slow down efforts to experiment?  If the approval chain is too long, perhaps the best solution is to eliminate it all together. If you can’t eliminate bureaucracy all together, try creating clearly defined spaces and environments where a “move fast and break things” philosophy rules.

Tourism: In a region where tourist are as plentiful as the folks who call this place home, we’re no strangers to innovation tourism.  That is, the idea that innovation can be superficial and our ability to develop novel solutions need not involve actually trying new things.  Realistically, innovation actually requires a deep dive  that embraces failure, imperfect results.  True immersion is scary, but it works.

Silos:  If you’re trying to innovate solo, you’ve got the wrong approach. Every quarterback needs a team and every team is comprised of people with varied levels of experience and diverse perspectives.  We’ve said it before: innovation can’t survive in a vacuum. It’s social process that thrives in a connected environment of idea exchange.    Zero sum thinking, scarcity mindset, and an unwillingness to collaborate are all innovation blockers to avoid at all cost.

Self Reflection:  Take a look in the mirror. The most overlooked and underestimated innovation blockers are ourselves.  Over-scheduling without time to think, lack of confidence in our own ideas, or adopting a worst-case-scenario leadership style — all these are indicators of creating environment where innovation goes to die. Don’t let that happen.

At Venture Cafe Miami, our work focuses in large part on removing the blocks that prevents  equal access to entrepreneurship and innovation for all.  We’re excited about the Knight Foundation’s recent investment to expand those efforts.  Learn more this awesome partnership.


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