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Hi! My name is Alejandra Silva, Director at Venture Café Miami. I’d like to congratulate all of you for a year of growth in both the professional and personal spheres, and overcoming struggles you never thought you could! We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished on our end as well, and want to brag on it a little, if you have a moment to tune in.

At Venture Café Miami, everyone is invited to the table. We strive to create a free, approachable space with an accessible environment that fosters an inclusive and interactive experience. Open discussion is encouraged, and we provide opportunities for participants to share their great ideas with an innovative community of like minded entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts. And this approach has proven effective! I’ve been so excited to see our community grow and to witness the genuine enthusiasm that our members have in experiencing our events.

Something that I love about Venture Café is that we have an expansive global network – and that means you do too! Venture Café Miami has found its niche in bridging a gap between the local ecosystem of Miami and other countries.

We’re all about connection and community on a global level and its role in building the base for booming business. And with its strategic location, Miami proves to be an important point of connection between innovation worlds around the globe who want to take part of the work that we do here. Through our collaborations in cities from Boston to Tokyo to Warsaw and more, we’ll connect you with change-makers and resources to help you expand your venture both locally and globally. Particularly in Miami, we have found a special connection with our Latin American neighbors and in 2022 we collaborated with a handful of LATAM partners, accelerators and startups to bring you intentional opportunities that fostered strategic connections and international innovation.

Now, heading into 2023, we’re already looking forward to perpetuating our series of impactful experiences. If you’re new to VCM, we’re so excited to show you what we’re all about! And if you’re already a member of our community, join us in reflecting what we’ve collectively accomplished in 2022.

Alejandra Silva
Director, Venture Café Miami

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