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Venture Café Miami’s mission is connecting innovators to make things happen.

Founded in 2016, Venture Café Miami is a nonprofit organization that seeks to grow Miami’s innovation community by working to make it more diverse, inclusive, accessible, and better connected locally, nationally, and globally. Venture Café Miami is a member of a growing global network of organizations – each with a shared mission and local flare.

Venture Café began in 2009 as an experiment by the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) to test a simple hypothesis: if we bring together innovators and entrepreneurs to engage in spontaneous conversations and semi-curated programming, they’ll come up with never-before-imagined innovations to make the world a better place and generate economic growth. And, it’s working. Read our full global story. Venture Café Miami works closely with its partner, CIC Miami, to build a vibrant innovation community in South Florida. 


We’re On A Mission

Venture Café Miami’s mission is to enhance and grow Miami’s innovation community by working to make it more diverse, inclusive, accessible and better connected, locally, nationally, and globally.

What We Believe

We believe that innovation is fueled by conversation, collaboration, and storytelling. Venture Café enhances and accelerates the innovation process through spaces, programs, and conversations for individuals and organizations to gather and build relationships.

Connecting Innovators

Exchanging ideas is just the beginning. Venture Café Miami is a vehicle for connecting people, and fueling innovation.  Venture Café Miami creates the forum for connecting innovators who ultimately seek to create positive change in both local and global communities. We’re connecting innovators to make things happen.


Our community is an open tent for the Miami innovation community – our strength comes from our diversity of people, ideas, sectors, and backgrounds. We welcome people with just an idea and serial entrepreneurs with successful companies, investors looking for their next big bet and mentors seeking to share their expertise, youth with fresh perspectives and seasoned professionals – from all neighborhoods and communities in Miami.


We help connect entrepreneurs and innovators to people, programming, and resources across Miami-Dade. 


We provide social events and curated, early-stage pitch programming to support investor deal flow in the Miami-Dade innovation ecosystem. 


We provide organizations with insight and access to startups & emerging technologies to fuel their innovation strategies.



We facilitate knowledge-sharing within the community through engaging workshops, panels and roundtables. 

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We provide, the energy, community, and space to foster spontaneous collisions and collaborations. Meet your next co-founder, find your next round of funding – you never know what might happen.

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We will offer event and meeting space in the heart of the Converge Miami Innovation District.

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