Change Miami from the root.

At Venture Café Miami, we build strategic partnerships with companies and organizations that are evolving business, education, technology, social justice, science and the arts within Miami and beyond. The Thursday Gathering provides an invaluable opportunity  to connect with others in an innovation community and a variety of high-impact educational sessions and programming. When you take part in a Venture Café event, you can meet hundreds of innovative, like-minded and resourceful people who are just as invested in improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Miami as you are.

Venture Café Miami is a non-profit, sister-organization of CIC and is part of a global network. Our mission is to broaden, connect and support the innovation community through offering a freely accessible network with programming to help anyone with an idea to succeed. By connecting innovators, we create impact and foster innovation and growth.
Connect with other innovators & attend our virtual and in-person events.
Learn from like minded-, inspiring people as well as industry experts in their fields.
Help strengthen Miami's innovation community by sharing your knowledge and story.
Global network
Venture Café Miami is part of the growing Venture Café global network – and that means you are, too!
Industry Agnostic
Innovation happens at the intersections of industries and disciplines, that’s why every week we convene the entire ecosystem.
Innovation is for Everyone
Venture Café Miami is dedicated to making innovation ecosystems more equitable and creating pathways for everyone to take part in innovation.

Venture Café CIC

Venture Café began as a simple idea within the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in Massachusetts. A longtime global leader in building innovation campuses and shared workspaces, CIC began evolving from its concept of physical spaces to one of greater meaningful community in 2009. This new iteration grew into a global movement known for its entrepreneurial resources and inclusivity. Today, Venture Café Global Institute – now its own enterprise – expands to new cities on its own as well as alongside other CIC ventures.

"This place is a true gem in the South Florida networking circuit. Venture Cafe is the space to connect, network and grow your business. Make sure to reach out and expose your ideas and products at the correct atmosphere and environment in Miami"

Venture Café is part of a global network – and that means you are, too!

Venture Café Miami is part of the growing Venture Café global network – and that means you are, too! Through our collaborations in cities from Tokyo to Warsaw to Sydney, we’ll connect you with change-makers and resources to help you expand innovation both locally and globally. Together, let’s ignite creativity and catalyze action to solve humankind’s challenges while meaningfully supporting entrepreneurs and innovators, many of whom have traditionally been underserved. Check out the benefits of worldwide collaboration!