Share your knowledge with the Venture Café community!Propose a session here!
Share your knowledge with the Venture Café community!

About us

Venture Café Miami is a non-profit, sister-organization of CIC and is part of a global network. The Venture Café movement started as an experiment in 2010 in Boston and came to Miami in 2016 as the third US expansion.

Goal & Mission

Our goal is to build an innovation community and to accelerate innovation within the regional ecosystem. The foundation does that by offering programming and connections that build relationships between students, startups, entrepreneurs, corporates, investors and other organisations.

Our mission is to broaden, connect and support the innovation community through offering a freely accessible network with programming to help anyone with an idea to succeed. By connecting innovators, we create impact and foster innovation and growth.

We believe that:

– Anyone with an idea has the potential to become a successful entrepreneur or innovator
– Isolation is the enemy of innovation: relationships are a critical success factor for entrepreneurship and innovation
– Cross-over connections between innovators from various industries can catalyse innovation & impact
– Equal access to a social support system can strengthen entrepreneurship, communities and economies

Our founding partner CIC

Venture Café began as a simple idea within the Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC) in Massachusetts. A longtime global leader in building innovation campuses and shared workspaces, CIC began evolving from its concept of physical spaces to one of greater meaningful community in 2009. This new iteration grew into a global movement known for its entrepreneurial resources and inclusivity. Today, Venture Café Global Institute – now its own enterprise – expands to new cities on its own as well as alongside other CIC ventures.

We are a Global network

Venture Café Foundation was founded 2010, in the Boston Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC). Now we are a part of a Global Venture Café Network, which is an independent non-profit organisation. Venture Café Rotterdam is the first European expansion. Other Venture Cafés are located in Boston, St. Louis, Miami and Winston-Salem. In 2018, the movement will expand to Philadelphia (USA), Warsaw (Poland) and Tokyo (Japan), and with more exciting locations in the pipeline. Every week we host the largest innovation community event in the world, known as the Thursday Gathering, with more than 2,000 visitors every week. It’s the power of ‘offline’ contact that initiates meaningful connections and which can accelerate innovation. We call it ‘engineered serendipity’: we provide innovator.

Venture Café Cambridge

As the birthplace of of the Venture Café movement in 2010, Venture Café Cambridge is powered by Innovation Studio which operates Boston-area innovation activities and spaces. The flagship Thursday Gathering, hosted at CIC Cambridge, offers weekly workshops, office hours, and networking opportunities to enhance the innovation process and help people launch and grow successful businesses. 


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Venture Café St. Louis

St. Louis was Venture Café’s first expansion out of the Boston area. Founded in 2014, Venture Café St. Louis serves a booming innovation scene in the Cortex Innovation Community and beyond. Venture Café operates its weekly Thursday gathering and additional programming at CIC St. Louis, along with two satellite events – Venture Café 39 North at the Danforth Plant Science Center and Venture Café No Ceilings at the LaunchCode Mentor Center. And last but not least…book your next event at Innovation Hall, St. Louis’ premier civic innovation hall or help transform local education through EdHub St. Louis.

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Venture Café Rotterdam

Rotterdam is Venture Café’s first global expansion. Launched in 2015, Venture Café Rotterdam has quickly become a premier European hub for innovation. Venture Café Rotterdam operates its weekly Thursday gathering and additional programming at CIC Rotterdam, in the heart of the city. In partnership with CIC, Venture Café is also a facilitator for Startup Visa, which enables experienced entrepreneurs from around the world to found and grow their companies in Rotterdam.

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Venture Café Miami

Venture Café Miami is the convener of the city’s hustling and bustling innovation scene, and is the network’s gateway to Latin America! Founded in 2016, Venture Café Miami operates its weekly Thursday gathering and additional programming at CIC Miami, in the center of Miami’s new innovation district, Converge Miami.

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Venture Café Warsaw

Venture Café Warsaw joined the ranks in May 2019, as the second European expansion site. In partnership with HubHub Noworgrodzka Square, Venture Café Warsaw is building a thriving innovation community in the city. In 2020, Venture Café Warsaw will be an operator of key programming activities inside CIC’s Innovation Campus located in Varso Place: the tallest office tower in European Union.

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