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525,600 Reasons, Why Blackberry Failed & Pitch Perfect Productions

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July 24, 2018

525,600 Minutes Later . . . 

It’s a very special week.  As we celebrate the Year No. 2 of the #ThursdayGathering, we’re wondering, how do you measure a year in life?

Not love (though Jonathan Larson would beg to differ);

Not in pints of beer (though we reckon café-goers consumed approximately 23,808 pints);

Not even in the hours of connection (we’re at 35,000 hours and counting);

Not in breakout sessions to date (Session No. 1000 is within close reach already);

Sure, our report, Moments & Momentum contains a whole host of metrics of impact, but for us, it’s really about connections.  Inclusive innovation is our mission, but connecting innovators is our passion.

Have you made a connection through Venture Cafe Miami or the #ThursdayGathering? Did you make a new friend? Find a job? Meet your co-founder (or your significant other)? If so, we want to hear from you!  Send us a note, tag us on social with #VCMConnects, or join the open mic this Thursday.  

So this week, in the spirit of show, don’t just tell.Here are some of our favorite stories of connection:

New Friends, New Opportunities

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably noticed that this year, VCM partnered with SLAM! Digital Agency to launch Innovation City, a national podcast series that features Miami-based innovators, disruptors and creators behind our growing innovation movement.  But, did you know that it all came together at the #ThursdayGathering?  And, even better, SLAM! is now opening a Miami office.  Learn more at their Miami launch party on 7/25 or see them record live this Thursday.

No Place Like Home

Alina Ruta, CEO of Cellvana explained how #VCMConnects to the Florida Venture Forum and others convinced her to relocate her biomedical technology company to Miami, “You have shown me the correct human and venture capital connection to convince me that Miami is where I want to grow my company and take it to the next level.” Watch Alina’s story

Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation

From Around the Table to the Miami Foundation’s #VCMTakeover Night celebrating the future of non-profit innovation, we’re always ready hold space for exploring new ideas about the future of Miami and how we can collectively make it a hub for innovation — for all! Hear café-goers shared visions for our city.

More Than Thursdays

Though it’s our favorite day of the week, did you know that VCM has expanded our footprint beyond the #ThurdayGathering? From the Result Junkies Miami Innovation Tour to our partnership with HSBC and Junior Achievement to bring entrepreneurs into the classroom.  Check our Impact Day  @ Jose  de Diego

Catalyzing Connectivity

We believe that social capital is the greatest form of currency.  It’s how we measure our progress.  Hear Kemoni’s story of finding a community and how she helps people connect with each other.

What is your #VCMConnects Story?


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Join our community! Subscribe to get the latest news about the Venture Café Miami.