Venture Café Miami

The Venture Café Experiment 

Venture Café began in 2010 as an experiment to test a simple hypothesis: if we bring together innovators and entrepreneurs to foster spontaneous conversations and cross-pollination of ideas, they’ll come up with never-before-imagined innovations to make the world a better place and generate economic growth.

Our hypothesis proved true, and so we’ve designed Venture Café to be an organization that reflects the sense of energy, community and spontaneity, inspired by the coffeehouses of old: a centralized point of congregation and collaborative creativity that attracts thinkers, doers, and innovators.

Venture Café has expanded beyond Boston/Cambridge, to St. Louis and Rotterdam, and now Miami.

Venture Café Miami

Founded in 2016, Venture Café Miami is a non-profit organization that seeks to enhance and build the local innovation community by working to make it more diverse, inclusive, accessible and better connected.

We’re On A Mission

Venture Café Miami’s mission is to enhance and grow Miami’s innovation community by working to make it more diverse, inclusive, accessible and better connected, locally, nationally, and internationally.

What We Believe

We believe that innovation is fueled by conversation, collaboration, and storytelling. Venture Café enhances and accelerates the innovation process through spaces, programs, and conversations for individuals and organizations to gather and build relationships.

Connecting Innovators

Exchanging ideas is just the beginning. Venture Café Miami is a vehicle for connecting people, and fueling innovation.  Venture Café Miami creates the forum for connecting innovators who ultimately seek to create positive change in both local and global communities. We’re connecting innovators to make things happen.